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I'm amused at the results to the 'How Well Do I Know You?' quiz. I'm especially amused that no one knows which instrument it is that I never mastered. This is fun. :> I'll post the answers when we get back. :)

At this time tomorrow we'll be in Atlanta, likely rolling our eyes at tarinfirepelt's antics. I really miss him, and it'll be wonderful getting to see Koz again so soon!

Yegods, so close to seeing my parents again... I haven't seen them since June of last year- so a year and a half... Mmm. And I can taste my gramma's cooking now. :9 I'm excited and nervous and... sigh. :) I probably should look into how the phone posts work so I can make a couple of entries from the road.

For those that care, our basic itinerary is as follows:

Depart Midway airport around 11 AM tomorrow morning. Arrive in Atlanta around 2 PM EST. Spend a few hours with Koz, depart at 5:30 PM and arrive in New Orleans at 7 PM CST. We'll start the trek to my parents home around 8 am on Saturday, with a long pitstop in Franklin, LA to visit with my gramma.

Church with my folks on Sunday...

Monday will be spent gallivanting up and down the coast with my Dad. We'll probably go visit the Cameron wildlife refuge and museum, and if the weather's nice, do some of the nature walks while my dad birdwatches. :>

Tuesday, we head back down to New Orleans to pick up my younger brother, perhaps hit the zoo or the aquarium. Spend the night in the decadant hotel we found off the French Quarter, then back to the airport on Christmas Eve.

We'll arrive in Ft Meyers sometime that afternoon, and zip off to spend the rest of the vacation with Bren's family (you can definately see the difference in our personalities for this part of the itinerary..).. returning home on Sunday, the 28th. :)

I am mildly amused that I have plotted out possible activities for each day we spend with my folks, whereas the time with Bren's family is more open and loose. It really does illustrate the basic differences in our temperments; I'm a plotter and a planner, he's more a 'see-what-we-feel-like' laid back person. We match really well. Mmm. I love my fennec. :)

Tonight, we're kidnapping moryssa for dinner, as he mentioned. A viewing of LoTR: The Two Towers was mentioned as a possible after dinner activity- something I wholeheartedly approve of. I'm looking forward to seeing the new movie. :> (Maybe if we can borrow a family car, can meet gen and prestor_scott somewhere midway between Ft Meyers and Orlando to see a movie? I have no clue of Florida geography, so it may not be feasible at all..)

Anyway, to sum up. All packed for trip. Very excited about trip. Nervous about flying, but excited nontheless. Hope fennec doesn't notice huge shiteating grin I get during takeoff (what can I say? It's really COOL!)..

Gonna miss kitties, but know the little snots will be okay.

Must pick up additional catfood so kitties have something to eat all week. Must wrap last gifts tonight!

Oh my god... am I really going home?

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