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All packed.. Got all but three gifts stuffed in amongst my shirts and jeans and things. Ready to go, and partly wishing it was tomorrow that we were leaving rather than yet another day away. Watched part of Pirates of the Carribbean, til I felt the need to be up and packing and moving around. I'll watch it fully later with Brendan.

He's off at D&D tonight, and I'm glad. I envy his nights of escape, although it sounds like a friend is organizing some sort of online D&D game. I had thought about staying away from the apartment this evening, but I knew I still had to pack, and I didn't want to leave it until late tomorrow. There are a few things left to do- One last package for Bren's mother came in today, it needs to be wrapped. He still needs to pack, we need to print out a few more cards, (chebutykin, we need your new address! email me?) and various sundries.

I'm really really tired. Surprisingly enough, the past few nights I've had blissful sleep. I hope it lasts. I'm ready for January to be here.. With the changes at work... and the plans we're making.. I want to DO rather than plan. (speaking of doing, I should be putting phone numbers in my cell phone so we'll have them while we're gone, rather than writing this)


I will try to get my online Christmas card up for friends tomorrow before we shut everything down. Unfortunately due to procrastination, our card list was um.. shortened.. quite a bit. I don't want anyone to feel like there's a "A" list and a "B" list... because there isn't. There's 'family' and there's 'friends'. :P (Sad that I have to say all that, but it's amazing what some people get offended over). So, if you don't get a card from us, we're sorry- we were lazy procrastinating bums, and .. um.. yeah. So please don't send anything. Anyone. I mean it. I gave our address out because people wanted it, not because we wanted things. Your friendship is the greatest gift we could want. :)

ANYWAY. I'm gonna go get those phone numbers put in before I forget again.

Note to self: pack cell phone charger tomorrow. And don't forget toothbrush!

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