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This morning was spent in training. More specifically, I was training someone with foul body odor that seemed to not understand that I don't want him sitting real up close and personal and in my face. Nor was I interested in hearing his antedotes about other portions of his training, or his suggestions for an alternate viewpoint. Maybe I'm just grumpy.

Last night, Bren and I exchanged our Christmas gifts. He was happy with the new Rachet and Clank, which made me happy. :) As I've mentioned before, I hate buying video games or dvds for people unless I -know- they want them.. I'm always afraid of getting a reaction of 'Oh... well.. um.. thanks... I guess..'. Bren spent the evening playing the game, so I feel pretty good about my gift selection. There was one other thing I wanted to get him, but it'll wait til after we get back, I think. He got me the Pirates of the Caribbean dvd, which made ME very happy. Mmm. Johnny Depp. :9 Maybe I can watch it tonight, if I'm not too busy packing.

Work has been busy today, and a pain in the butt.

And I still have to pack tonight... and wrap a few more gifts.

Blerg. I need a nap. :)

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