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Oops. I meant to write yesterday and just never quite got around to it. I had a productive day, nonetheless!

I slept in. I figured it was the last chance I'd get until -possibly- next Monday, and considering my Dad wants to take us down the coast to the Sanctuaries, sleeping in probably won't happen. My family is very much a 'get up before the roosters' type of home. I finalized plans a bit with the folks, it turns out that my younger brother will not be joining us at my parents' home.. I guess he has to work. I am disappointed, because I was looking forward to spending time with Matt, but... oh well. I'll get over it. Our general plan, since we have to leave Christmas Eve, was to spend the 23rd in New Orleans and visit with either Matthew or my older brother, Tony. Mom reminded me that Matthew is not welcome at Tony's house, because of an indiscretion of Tony's while he and his wife were seperated. (Basically Matt is dating Tony's ex girlfriend's friend or sister or something, and Tony's wife is afraid that if Matthew is there, Tony will ask about said ex. My teeth grind every time I think about it) So, we probably won't be seeing my shallow brother and his wife. Because God knows.. Tony has time to go hunting and fishing, but not to call his little brother or sister. Yes, I do have a seriously dysfunctional family.

So anyway!!! It seems that the visit will mostly just be us and my folks. My mother's oldest brother wants to stop in and say hello, which is fine, as he's my favorite uncle. I'm already grinding my teeth at my mother- She met my suggestion that we rent a movie for watching Sunday night with a 'I'd really not feel good about doing that on the Sabbath...' And she wonders why I am not religious. We'll see what happens. I daresay we're not going to sit around the table and just stare at each other all evening.

I know it will all work out, but I am stressed. There's a lot of things going on in our lives right now, and I'm really ready for them to be done. When we get back, I'm going to start working on artshow things for next year, lining up a full inventory of equipment and making a budgeting list of needs. I know we need to redo our control sheets, and if we're going to do the things we've planned, I need to sit down and figure out the logistics of how we're going to do it.

We attended the MFF online staff meeting last night, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it rolled along. There are one or two staff members that make me grind my teeth and wonder how they managed to survive to adulthood, but... fortunately, the idiotic questions were shouted down fairly quickly, and the meeting tootled right along. (And no, no one that reads this is in that tiny group of staff that can't tell their head from a hole in the ground.)

I am really pleased with the staff lineup for this year. I'm a little nervous about who is going to take over gopher wrangling; let's face it, Dali's shoes are going to be REALLY hard to fill, she does such an awesome job, but I'm sure we'll find someone. I think Artshow pretty much knows who we're going to request as for our staff, and we just need extra gophers for set up and tear down. There were some really good ideas that I will be exploring further with people with experience from other conventions. I really want as much feedback as possible folks!!!!

A few weeks back, I mentioned how much I enjoyed spending some time with an estranged friend. Last night I spoke with them a bit more, and... I'm very very happy with the results. Amazing what bridges can be built when pride is set aside. God I feel like an ass.

Yesterday I completed as much of my Christmas shopping as is going to get done. There was ONE more item I would have liked to have procured, but... I don't know if I'll have time to snag it, or if I -can- snag it (it seems to be a hot item this year)... or if the recipient will even LIKE it. So, for all intents and purposes, I'm done with shopping. I'd like to bring Matt some beer from the Chicago area, but I have no way of giving it to him without my parents noticing, and I'd never hear the end of it. So it's just easier not to.

I've added a few people to my friends list... don't feel like you have to add me back. ;) I just happen to have enjoyed your comments in other journals. That's usually how I friend people... 'oh you comment in so-and-so's journal a lot!' and sometimes it doesn't work out, so.. yeah. :)

Anyways... Christmas card was finished in time, but there was no time to get it printed, so... some of you may be getting a virtual card instead of the physical one. :/ Sorry folks. :/

I should really get back to work now, so I'll wrap this up!

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