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Snarked from synnabar, this just seemed really neat. :)

Is your character the only one of her species in existance? (+2)
Nope. :) They're rare, but out there.

Because all of the others died tragically? (+5)

Because of unknown reasons? (+1)

Is she a fantasy creature that's familiar but rarely used as an avatar (hippogriff, satyr, cockatrice)? (-2)

Is she a normal, real world animal, excluding wolf? (-1)

Is your character described as beautiful? (+1)
No. She really doesn't care about her appearance.

"Unusually" or "astonishingly" beautiful? (+2)
See above.

Are her optics an unusual color? (+1)
Um.. not for her species, no.

Do they change color according to her mood? (+1)
Nuh uh... unless you count 'red with murderous rage...' but... um... yah.

Is she unusually petite or unusually large for her species? (+1)
A bit petite, but not out of the range of what you'd see in Nature.

Does she lack wings (ordinarily wingless creatures count!)? (-1)
Yes, no flying for me.

Is she wolf-sized or smaller? (-1)

Is she entirely black or white? (+1)

Shiny, metallic, iridescent, sparkly? (+1)
Uh... no.

Does she have a prominent scar on her face? (+1)

Does her name contain any of the following:

Star/Fire/Black/Dark/Moon/Ice/Silver/Song/Wind (+3 each)
Flame/Night/Dawn/Shadow/Snow/Wing/Heart/Eye (+2 each)
Rain/Strike/Flash/Cloud/Soul/Feather/Claw/Wolf/Blade/Tear (+1 each)

Thank GOD no.

Deliberately misspelled (Starr, Wynd, Klaw)? (+2)
Nuh uh.

Two part name (first and last)? (+1)
Like Synn, officially just one part.

Both parts composed entirely of words from the above? (+20)

Made up fantasy name starting and ending in the letter a? (+1)

Do you use this name for everything you do on the internet? (+5)
For furry related things, yes. But furry only accounts for a small percentage of my online doings, so.. No. :)

Got Magic?

Unusually keen senses? (+1 for each)
Not anything that wouldn't be found in Nature

Telepathy or empathy? (+1)
Nuh uh. Perceptive. :)

Healing? (+1)
She's better at breaking things..

Healing that works completely and perfectly regardless of the affliction in question? (+10)
Uh... no.

Control of the weather or other natural elements? (+1)

Precognitive dreams or visions? (+1)
Since I still have not won the lottery, no.

Is she a shapeshifter? (+1)
No.. although since the character was recycled from another, she does have a different form. I don't play her as a shifter though.

With more than two forms? (+2)

More than three? (+3)

Unlimited forms? (+10)

ALL of the above? (+100)
Not sure how you can have unlimited and all of the above, but.. um.. No.

What's she do?
.... Besides harass fennecs? Not a clue, she hasn't told me.

Does she have a beautiful singing voice? (+1)

Is she royalty? (+1)
Not that she knows of!

Is she the most powerful or high-ranking of her kind? (+3)
I don't think she'd care even if she knew.

Is she the very best at what she does? (+3)
Compared to what?

Is she a phenomenally skilled warrior? (+1)
She's actually a little dexterity-impaired.

With any weapon? (+1)
The biggest danger she'd be is to herself..

With a Very Special weapon? (+2)
Uberspecial? Maybe if she had Need..... Yes.. I am a Lackey fan. You may all boo and hiss later..

Passed down to her by a dying family member or master? (+3)

Is it magical? (+2)
There should be a 'skip to..' option. N/A.

Is it named? (+1)
Again, N/A

With one or more of the words from the list? (+10)

Does she have a perfectly normal history that you don?t get into? (-10)
Probably. I haven't written one for her.

Have you written down the character's history in story form? (+1)
See the above. :)

Was she captured and/or abused by humans? (+10)

Was she adopted? (+1)

Is she a human who was turned into her current form? (+1)

Is she a member of a rogue team that plays by its own rules? (+1)
Well. I guess if you count my circle of friends as a team... they certainly play by their own rules, and ... we do have a couple of rogueish people..

Is she the leader? (+1)
She wouldn't want to be.

Is she your Otherkin/furry/were? trueform?? (+10)
Um, no. I chose her because she was unique, not because I felt some deep spiritual bond.

Do you publicly believe that someday you?re going to transform into her? (+10)
Again, no.


0-5: Congratulations! You have created an original, believable, and interesting character!
6-10: Your Mary Sue tendencies are few and small enough that they probably don't matter much.
11-15: Borderline.
16-20: I'm sorry, dude, but you're pretty much a Mary Sue.
21-30: This is prominent enough that you might seriously want to consider making changes to your character so as not to annoy your neighbors.
30 or more: Please do not come near me.

Total: -12.

The essay on Mary-Sueism est: Here.

I'll try and come up with a real entry later on this afternoon. :)

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