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Day started out really crappy, work was making me mad. I really should learn to just let go and do as the others do. I'll be a lot happier.

It slowly got better though. Very slowly. But it did. We had a short meeting at 5 to discuss changes in our benefits. I'm pondering going ahead with a Medical FSA account this year, I just need to decide how much I want deducted. We now have vision, so I think I'll be taking advantage of that to get myself new contacts as well as glasses this year. My contacts alone will run me $300, since I require the special toric lenses due to my astigmatism. So if I use the FSA for that... well.. that's $300 that good ole Unca Sam didn't get to dip his fingers into, and I can use my insurance for the glasses. I don't anticipate a terrible lot of medical expenses this year, so I may just put in $400 (the extra $100 to pay for prescriptions and such) and be done with it. I've never done this before, but it seems a terribly smart thing to do.

As we look on into the new year, and the possibility of beginning our own home purchase looming before us in 2004, I have begun to seriously worry about my credit score. Back in November, I pulled my credit score and was disturbed to see that my student loans are still being reported as defaulted and closed, and the past year's worth of payments aren't showing up. What's worse, an unknwon account (I have my suspicions as to who it is) is showing me 4 months delinquent on a payment. Needless to say, I'm EXTREMELY upset about it. I haven't gotten any responses from the credit agency regarding my dispute, so I'm thinking I'll just go to the company I think reported it and..... talk to them. I know I do owe them around the amount owed, but... I sent several letters and left many phone calls asking for the balance, and they never got back to me with it. Don't creditors have an obligation to provide debtors with a balance of money owed?

Anyway.. that worry kept me up last night. The longer it takes to resolve, the more months it shows up as delinquent, and yeah, that really bothers me. I'm trying not to obsess, but it's hard, y'know?

I need to send out my little carepacket of our itinerary and hotel information to my parents. I'll provide a phone number to reach us at while we're gone in a locked entry in case anyone needs it. We leave in just over a week!! *STRESS*

Which reminds me.. if anyone is available to drop us off at Midway on Friday, 12/19 or pick us up Sunday, 12/28... um.. lemme know? Because otherwise, we're going to have to park at the airport or take a cab, and neither option is optimal.

And tarinfirepelt. TAKE FRIDAY OFF!!! We wanna see you!!! (otherwise I will be forced to entertain myself in the Atlanta airport for 3 hours. Do it for Roho's sake!!)

I did some fun little sketches last night, and no I'm not sharing. ;) feren thinks they need a quick inking... I think they're fine just as scratchy little sketches. I'm slowly getting a better feel for the genet character... she's not as photo realistic as I'd like, but... enh, what can ya do? My style seems to be waffling somewhere between realism and toony, and for now, I'm okay with that. I definately want to nail some of the more basic techniques down, but... it'll come in time.

And um.. I'm sleepy now. And I wanna draw. So.. I write more tomorrow. G'nite!

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