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Feeding problems..

I have two children of the fuzzy variety. Cailet, my female, has been with me for 6 years, Marcus, my male was a stray we found 2-3 months ago.

The problem is, until about a year ago, Cailet was free-fed. She always had a food bowl available, there was always munchies. This stopped a year ago, and she started just getting her food bowl available at night.

Since Marcus came, feeding has been.. difficult. Marcus is a heavy grazer (my boyfriend calls him a vacuum). Cailet will eat a few bites, then walk off, and Marcus descends like a hungry locust. Then both of them clambor for more food. I can't really seperate them, because both cats are very.. indignant when they get locked away from the rest of the household- so much so that they won't eat.

If anyone can recommend how I can convince Cailet to eat her full share before she walks off that won't get PETA on my doorstep, I'd appreciate it. :P

EDIT: Oops! This was supposed to go to a community I frequent. Leaving it up in case someone on my friends list has any suggestions. :)

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