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Well. All my prep has been done, in approximately 25 minutes we'll hit the road to go to Bren's cousin Lori's house to help finish the Thanksgiving feast. I've done my familial duty of calling my parents, and I actually got some artwork progress done this morning. I'm hoping to have the very patient lanakila's long awaited commission done by the end of next week, as I managed to pick up several artistic pointers from tarinfirepelt while at MFF.

I think, too, that like Koz, I'm way underpricing myself. Once I finish this batch of commissions, I think I'll probably go ahead and auction off more on Furbid. Might as well take advantage of the muse while she's being friendly, right? I also seem to have overcome some of my.. not quite fear, but definate aversion to real media, and that's always good. We'll see what happens!

And now, going to close so I can get a little bit more work done before we scoot out.

I'm thankful for many things this holiday.. far too many to list here. Perhaps later. :)
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