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I'm a little grumpy today, and more than a little disturbed at people.

I hate it when there are people that insist on making everything a huge drama. It makes extricating them from your life a much more tricky task.

Last night's workout was wonderful, roho's news was disappointing (and I agree. WTF?), dinner last night was scrumptious, my life is plodding along.

I had thought that I would, in fact, actually be able to take time off for MFF. I discovered that my Manager is an incompetent twit that can't fucking count (how would she NOT know that vacation time is accrued when she's been here 3 years?), but now, yet again, it's up in the air. Unless I can find someone she'll approve to work my shift on Saturday (yep, the one she's been promising to get me off of), I have to work. There's one volunteer, and she's already indicated that that person is not suitable. I think my major disappointment with the lack of the Worcester job is that I can't tell CCN where to stuff it. Oh well.

I got my ebay purchase (finally! nearly 3 weeks after purchase!) and... mm. I'm not impressed. At all. I'll probably put it back up, and count it a lesson learned. Hopefully I can sell it. This still leaves me in need of a winter coat. I won't be buying another online.

I am excited about the expanded userpics, although I'm not sure what I'm going to do with 50 of the suckers. Guess I'll figure out something.

And.. now I go back to work. Blee.

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