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Holy God I am tired.

I haven't been sleeping terribly well lately. Insomnia has striken nearly every night this week. Today, we went with Feren to look at townhomes north of herer. We saw one really nice one, two not-so-nice ones. BDs was eaten. The MFF meeting was painful as usual. (I swear, some of these people just come to hear themselves talk) Kit, I need to discuss artshow stuff with you.

We got alot of artshow stuff hashed out, and have started making plans for pickups from airports and other con related activities. Came home, stopped at Oberweiss for some very delicious treats (mmm. eggnogg ice cream), and crashed on the couch and vegged for a while.

Datahawk introduced us to these... really neat cigarettes- Mandarin Mint Camels.. they leave you with a citrus mint aftertaste. Very nummy. We laughed a lot. It was a Good Day.

The cats squabbled tonight. Ra is feeling insecure, and started asserting his dominance over Cailet again. (Fer, you may wanna check and make sure he's not spraying again. I think I detected the eau de kitty around the couch earlier)

I am drunk.

We watched another Babylon 5.. it was a good episode. I really want season 4 to be released.

I am very tired, did I mention that?

Tomorrow, I have lots of errands. I have to go return a few things that I bought... call the veterinarian and make an appointment for Marcus, as he needs shots and possible de-ballsing (we can't tell if he's neutered or not.. from recent behavior, we're guessing not. :P)... and then my workout later in the evening.

There's rumoring at work that I may be pulled from the weekend shifts sometime within the next few weeks. That would be unbelievably nice, even if it means less money (about 80/month less).

We have very loud neighbors now. I'm nearly at the point of making a complaint, if I could just figure out which neighbor it is.

Going to bed now. g'nite.

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