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Ngghh.. another day at work. Yay. I spoke with my mother for about 45 minutes last night, and was struck with how.. narrow her world is. She doesn't really look beyond her little sphere. It was both strange and sad. Some people I knew (and others I didn't) died this month. One had been fighting cancer for as long as I'd been alive, the other was an older gentleman that was in his 70s at least. You're never truly prepared for the gaping holes death can leave.

I had to think about my own life, and realized that my little world of comfort is probably not much larger than my mothers. That was a disquieting thought. I have my little routines, the people I care about and socialize with... and.. yeah. I'm not really sure where I'm going with that.

Zephyr pointed me to a new movie- Master and Commander. It has Russell Crowe, and the directors and producers are big names that have done wonderful films. Greeaaat. All I need is another movie on my 'Must See' list for this winter. I'm eagerly awaiting the next Harry Potter, and of course, the Return of the King.

My train of thought is a bit disjointed this morning, flitting around like a demended hummingbird. So... I apologize for yet another rambling entry.

I can't believe it's the end of the year already. It's just.. flown by. It hasn't been a terribly good year in some ways, and it's been a tremendously wonderful year in others. I've accomplished a lot, if not necessarily in the areas that I wanted to accomplish. I am nearly out of debt (currently paying off my student loan, and the charges my apartment complex in Dallas levied against me), save for my car note, and that is something I am quite proud of.

It's been an interesting day thus far. I woke up before the alarm went off for Roho, and drifted in and out of sleep during his morning preparations. The cats weren't as vocal this morning as they have been, which was a blessed relief. I think when Cailet starts crying in the morning, she's trying to let us know she needs the litterbox. I have half a mind to put one in the bedroom, but as she has a history of rather potent smelling bowel movements, I think I'd rather just get up and let her into the bathroom. Marcus was on fire last night, running all around the apartment and in full 'Brain on fire' mode. It's fun to have a kitten in the house, if extremely exasperating at the same time. I need to get some interactive toys for him to play with.. run some of that excess energy off.

I've been doing a bit of research on feline health, as Marcus seems to have developed the same stinkybutt that Cailet has. Since we've tried several different foods with Cai (low residue brands), I'm guessing there must be something in the water. This doesn't explain why Ra doesn't have the same problem though. I was reading today on a website for holistic health for cats that raw meat is the preferred food for domestic cats. I really don't think I want to go that extreme. Despite what the website says, it seems there is a lot of room for error, and bad meat could cause more problems than the raw diet would solve. It also mentioned that wet catfood is much better than dry. I think I want to do more research on this. Since Bren was a vet tech, I feel fairly sure that what we're feeding now will probably be fine. I try not to buy the no brand cat food, and Cailet is a butterball. I do worry that she seems to wheeze and snore in her sleep; I'm concerned that she may be too obese and that it's inhibiting her airways. I'll probably take her in to the vet for a checkout and vaccinations later this year. Marcus is going to get his shots this weekend. I love my kitties, as annoying as they can be.

Anyway.. this morning, as I said, was interesting. I felt a little like I was in the Shania Twain song 'Honey I'm Home'. Bren's got training all week, so he's been going in to work later. He woke me up at the usual time, and I crawled into the shower and accidentally poured shampoo all over myself, rather than in my hand. Not too big a deal, just aggravating. Marcus has developed the annoying habit of "following in front", where he is trying to follow me, but walks in front of me. And when you have wet legs, bumping into a cat is.. less than pleasant. So is finding your bathtowel liberally coated with cat hair. (Note to cats- Brushing time! Cailet, you need a bath.) I was only partially dressed when Bren indicated he was ready to leave, so I tossed on my skirt and blouse to walk him to the door for his kiss and well wishes... when I returned to put on my nylons... well. Every woman that's ever worn panty hose knows that dreaded 'rriiiiiiiiiip' noise. I looked down, and there was a huge run from hip to heel. *sigh* I didn't feel like grabbing a new pair of hose, and the shoes I was wearing rub blisters if I don't wear -something-... so.. exchange skirt for slacks. I'm running late, and I still need to swing by an ATM for a bit of cash.

Get to the bank, realize forgot wallet in other pants. Return home, obtain wallet. Get back on the road to find it is literally a parking lot. Indulge in some creative cursing. Find alternate route, manage to make it to bank. Thank the dieties of banking that my bank has two ATMs, as one is occupied, and I've noticed that people that use ATMs NEVER just go in, get their money, and get out. No, they hem and haw and ponder how much money to pull out. Grr. Back on the road! I have 8 minutes to get to the office before I'm considered late. Zip zip zip along, boom. traffic again. Sigh loudly. Stop and go, one foot on the brake, one on the gas. Run a red light to make a left turn onto Corporate Drive. Breathe a sigh of relief. 2 minutes left. Pull into the parking lot and realize that because I'm late, all the spots that aren't in Siberia are gone. Sigh and drive alllllll the way to BFE and park between two ginormous SUVs. Dash in, clock in. 0830 on the bean! Thankful for once that the timeclock is 3 minutes slow. Flop at desk after a sidetrip to the breakroom to obtain breakfast (plain onion bagel. No cream cheese).

Work has been fairly quiet, for the most part. I overheard through VE that CO's shift is being changed to 0830-1700. I can't help but wonder if this is because of the email I sent to JB offering to switch shifts with her. (CO, up until this week, has been consistantly 30 minutes late every day, and took twice the allotted time for lunch. Due to the fact that we are on a strict schedule for breaks, this was a major problem.) I'm hoping this means my shift will get bumped up, but no one's said anything to me, so.. I don't know. Guess we'll see. SH was closeted in a meeting with one of our supervisors for quite a long time this morning, and it has both VE and I very curious as to what it was about. We guessed that she is trying to get one of the Project Coordinator positions put up, and both of us are seriously hoping she doesn't. At least, I'll be angry if someone that's been here less than a month and still doesn't know all the procedures gets promoted. I'm still grouchy that AP got the tech support position I wanted. But... maybe something good will open up once we know if we're moving to Boston. I can hope.

I realize that the last paragraph is likely greek to everyone reading this. JB is my immediate supervisor. He's a swell guy, a Team Lead. CO, VE, and SH are all coworkers on equal footing with me, save for seniority (CO and VE have been here 3+ years).

Tomorrow is the office Halloween Party. There's a costume contest with a $50 gift certificate up for grabs. I am betting someone on the executive team will get it, as it seems that most of the Service staff aren't really wild about the idea of dressing up. And we all know how execs like to show 'company spirit'. I'm a little grumpy (not really) that VE and CO have decided to become lunch buddies. Since we are only allowed to have one person on a lunch break at a time, one goes to get lunch for both of them. It'd be nice if they offered to get something for the rest of us. I probably wouldn't partake, but... I would have liked to at least be asked. Which really brings to mind something else. I'm on friendly terms with most of my coworkers. I think SH is an abrasive, stupid snit, but I can tolerate her. I am, however, not really friends with anyone at the company, and in some ways, I'm kind of sorry for that. We regularly have gatherings and such, and... I never have anyone that wants to sit with me, or calls me over to join their group. And.. that's a bit lonely. It's not BAD.. like I said, I'm on friendly terms with everyone, and I can usually find someone to chitchat with. But.. yeah. It'd be nice to have a coworker friend.

Tomorrow is also my third gym day. I'm not dreading it as much as I did yesterday, as yesterday's workout was easier than Monday's. I'm hoping that in a few months, I can elongate my time to 45 minutes, then an hour. We'll see.

All in all, my boring life remains rather hum drum and not-exciting. I'm all caught up with the work I need to be doing at work, so there isn't a whole lot to do during the day to keep me busy. Normally I'd draw or read a book, but I've been told that it looks bad when I do that. And, in true Corporate fashion, they've given me something else to do. Me and my big mouth.

Life is puttering along nicely though. I'm still having problems with dealing with people... A friend said it best; I want to run and hide, and only deal with people on my terms. (I guess I know where Cailet gets it from) So if I seem warm, then cool to people, it's just because I'm a little overwhelmed and need space. Sometimes, I need lots of space. :P

Anyway, it's about time for me to scoot out and grab my lunch, so I will continue this later.

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