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Not a terrible lot to write about today. Work is somewhat quiet, since we have a class of new trainees that are in the call queue for the first time. C was actually here on time, I guess whatever Danielle threatened her with, it worked. She was on time back from lunch yesterday, too. This is good.

I'm having a hard time with mornings. As soon as Bren gets up, both cats wake up and get vocal. Very vocal. Marcus is still very kitten-ish, so if I let him into the bedroom, we're treated with galloping feet and hissing and growling as he chases Cailet up and down the hallway. Not very condusive to sleep. I'm having a hard time resting at night, too.. or at least, I have the past few days. Some of that I attribute to muscle stiffness and soreness, something that I'm sure will go away as the exercise becomes more routine. (Right now though.. oof.. I HURT)

Dinner last night turned out wonderfully- the recipe was called 'Captain Country Chicken', and basically consisted of breaded chicken fillets smothered with sauteed tomato and vegetables, seasoned with curry and served over rice. There are a few things I'd do differently next time (like.. not make so MUCH... good grief, that recipe stretches!), and perhaps use a mixture of dried and fresh tomatoes rather than the canned variety. I really liked the light breading- it gave the meal a roux-esque taste that was quite pleasant. I'd like to try it again using some different meats.

There was also a recipe that I want to try (eventually) of stuffed pork chops that looked utterly delish. I'll probably toss some of my chicken in the freezer tonight (all the chicken we had but one piece got freezer burn), for later meals so it doesn't go bad. As it is, that's my dinner plan for tonight. :9 Arr numnum. Love leftovers!

I've found myself totally in love with Pesto Jack cheese. Gods that stuff is good. I made tomato soup the other night with grilled cheese sandwiches (the ultimate in comfort food), and it was scrumptious. I'm just sorry they don't make a lowfat version, as the regular is a bit high in calories. We did find a rather tasty low calorie/low carb bread that is carried by Sam's Club, of all places.. About $2.50 for two regular size loafs. It has a bit more carbs than the Atkins bread, but the slices are larger, are more like 'normal' bread, and it's considerably cheaper. Something to consider for those doing the Low Carb thing.

Feren mentioned last night the possibility of whipping together our own food for the MFF Art Show staff, so we don't have to rely on consuite while we're working. We have our own spare microwave, so this wouldn't be much of a problem. I'm trying to think of good meals that would reheat easily and still be tasty and filling.. I'm thinking of filling up the freezer with chili and fajita makings... and probably make a sandwich tray. I hope the guys leave me enough room in the ice chest. :P Speaking of the Art Show, I haven't forgotten, hightensile about the equipment we discussed. I will email you later, or just let me know when you'll be in town..? I want to confirm my budget on these items. Also, yotogi, I have something I need to discuss with you as well. (And congrats again on the job!!!)

I emailed about my ebay purchase yesterday, as the weather is getting cooler, and I really want my spiffy new coat. Evidently, Paypal decided that even though I told it to do a credit card transaction, since the card I used is a debit card, it was an echeck. So it took 4 days to clear. Grumpage. Next time I'll use my actual card.

I was going to say something else here, and... totally lost my train of thought when the phone rang. Damn.

I'm both dreading and looking forward to my workout tonight. My muscles are protesting mightily, but.. it did feel good to get out there. Blee.

Nothing of terrible interest is going on, I guess. I'm still having a lot of issues that I'm trying to work out, although as time goes on, I'm beginning to accept that I may need help detangling everything. I guess that isn't so surprising because it's been 20 years in the making. I'm still having problems with anger management. There are a couple situations that every time I think about them, I can feel my blood pressure rising. The obvious solution is to not think about them, but unfortunately, it's never that easy. I think Bren will be calling Abbott's Worcester recruiting director next week to find out what's going on with the advertised position. I'm really ready for them to get off their butts and make a decision; I hate my life being in limbo like this. I'll be glad when Fer is all settled, as well. Much as I adore him, the apartment is feeling decidedly cramped these days. It must be the cooler weather triggering cabin fever.

Gaahh. So tired. Very very lethargic and achy, and I'm wondering if that's due to the weather as well. My joints tend to ache in wet, cold weather, and that describes today fairly aptly. The fact that my office can refridgerate meat probably doesn't help much.

It's very very quiet today. I'm actually... bored. I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm caught up with all the work that I need to do (until this afternoon, when I need to start calling technicians to confirm ETAs and following up on equipment orders), and.. hrm. I unfortunately didn't bring a book to work with me, although I'm not allowed to read while on the clock... and I'm short on good website reading material that's worksafe. Grumble. Maybe I'll just study the insides of my eyelids for a while...

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