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Tech help needed!

Okay, I have a really odd problem with livejournal, and it's just on my desktop system at home (Cheetah). Whenever I view Livejournal, the font is really small. (For a few weeks, it was large, now it's small) When I view anything on my own journal, or my friends page, it's miniscule. To the point where it's illegible. I can view the site fine on Sahara (our living room machine) and at work. It's just my personal desktop system that's affected.

I have run spybot, I've reset every setting in IE I can think of... and I'm at a total loss for figuring out what the problem is. It's getting really aggravating. Other sites come up small (around the same size as the main LJ page and other journals), but not so tiny I can't read.

I'm totally perplexed. Someone help? :/

(System is running win2k, IE 6 on Cheetah and Sahara, nearly identical setups. Work is winXP)
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