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We have an update on Marcus, the new kitty.

We stopped by the leasing office, since our apartment complex goes way above and beyond the call of duty when a pet is lost in helping the owner find it.

When we described that we found a grey kitty, the girl told us that there was a family that had dumped their cat 10 days previously because they didn't want to pay the extra $20 a month fee for pet rent. The complex was waiving the $150 deposit and was just going to charge them the rent, and they just.. dumped the cat. A neighbor called the office after seeing the cat wandering around.

She described Marcus' mannerisms and personality almost to a "T". We're fairly sure he's the abandoned cat. We're still going to put up fliers though, just in case we're wrong. The office is going to call the people that dumped the cat and see if they can get any further information.

This stunned us. It's bad enough to abandon an animal, but... a DECLAWED cat? The leasing office said when they first became aware of the animal, he had tags. The neighbor saw him without them. So... they deliberately released him after removing his collar to prevent identification.

I'm furious. I mean, there are at least three shelters in this area, and countless veterinary clinics that would probably help place him, but someone had to go for the easy way out.

The leasing office told us that should we decide to give him a home, we won't have to pay anything extra. I... don't know what we're going to do. Ra doesn't like him. At all. Cailet isn't getting along with him terribly well either, but.. I think Cailet will adjust to him like she did to Ra. Pretty much ignoring him as long as he leaves her alone; which he does. I just.. don't know. My gut instinct wants to keep him, but it may not be possible, and it's hard to be objective.

Guess we'll see what happens.

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