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As feren said last night, we have two houseguests. One human, and one feline. We've dubbed our kitty visitor 'Marcus' because we were watching B5 right before we found him. We'd stepped outside on the patio to chat while Fer smoked, and saw something running towards us. It was undetermined what the animal was until it got closer (and he was booking it straight for us- "OMG!! PEOPLE!!!"), and immediately, he started rubbing against our legs and purring. We weren't really sure what to do, so I went inside and got bowls of food and water and started getting Cailet's plastic carrier outfitted with a towel. We then noticed that he had no tags, and seemed to be declawed on all four feet (we realized later that his hindclaws just don't extend very much). As I opened the door, Marcus waltzed right in with me and made himself at home. He's got the cutest meow- it's more of a chirpy purr than an actual meow. We think he's Burmese, as he's got a gorgeous silvery blue short coat. Cailet and Ra are less than pleased to have a visitor- Ra was okay until he realized that Marcus was male, then he went all territorial and bitchy.

As Fer said, we're going to do our best to find his owners, but I think I'm not alone in halfway hoping they don't step forward. This is a gorgeous kitty, and I'd love to keep him. He seems to have a very curious and friendly personality, and while he's not as cuddly as Ra, he's like Cailet in that he seems to like being where people are. (And I admit, I have been softened quite a bit due to his propensity for coming over to me)

What an interesting day. =)

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