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It's been a good day. Dinner was made (a recipe given to me by skorzy and sushimare), Roho's mother made a most deadly and delicious ice cream pie for dessert... the wine was excellent... and I am very very full.

Work was excrutiating, mostly because I wanted to be home. I...had some rough spots through the day, mostly feeling guilty that I couldn't get the nice expensive gifts for Roho that I wanted to (the guilt was made worse because the lack of giftage was due to my own poor financial choice last month), but.. he seems happy, so I guess it's all good.

Tomorrow, we may venture into Downtown Chicago... the jury is out on that; I think we're waiting to see if the Cubs win again tonight before we make that decision.

My hands reek of garlic, despite repeated washings. Eating by candlelight on the patio on a really gorgeous night is terribly romantic... even if your beloved's parents are sharing the meal with you.

All in all, the evening was a success. I had to be stubborn when it came time for cleaning up (Guests and birthday boys do not clean up. End of story), but... I feel really good. My only regret is that my biological clock has really horrible timing.

And now.. I am really tired, so.. I'm going to snuggle on my fennec, and eventually pass out.

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