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Things are looking better. Cheery, even. Bren's sister Ali is visiting, and she is always a treat. His parents will be by to visit in a few weeks, so October will likely be a busy month for us. I'm excited as the year's end draws closer, since it'll mean getting to see my family. I really miss them when I'm not clenching my teeth and wanting to strangle my mother.

The personal issues that have been going on lately, while they haven't been totally sorted out (I owe someone huge apologies for letting things drag on, then dumping it on them at a VERY bad time), do seem to be looking... much better. I feel better about the whole situation, and less like I just stepped into a deep chasm that I'd never find my way out of. This is very good, as the friend in question is a very very good one, and I'd hate to lose their friendship because I was stupid.

I realized earlier this week that I really am blessed in the people that, for whatever reason, think I'm a worthwhile human being. I do make mistakes, and... they are willing to point them out, and be patient with me while I sort things through. I really don't think I tell them nearly enough how much I love them. I will correct that over the next few weeks.

I got some new toys on Thursday, but I think I'll hold off on describing them until tomorrow, as it's a bit late, and Bren is very patiently waiting for me to get sleepy enough to come to bed.

So, until tomorrow.... good night everyone. Have a good one.

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