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Mmm. The air has a lovely cold bite in it this morning that is extremely refreshing. I'm pulling out my winter sweaters, and... there's something very satisfying about snuggling under the covers with a warm body and not needing anything to cool you other than the open window.

Yesterday was a bit rough at work; not so much because of the workload, but because I was tired and feeling ill and really didn't want to be there. My boss, DB, made it clear that if I didn't come in, I'd be jeapordizing my vacation in December, so... in I went. I was both amused and irritated to find later in the day that I wasn't paid for Labor Day, despite promises I would be. If I wasn't paid for the day, I could have taken an extra day off. Ah well. If I'm not paid for it on my next paycheck, I will demand either the money or the day off. This company is utterly ridiculous about getting the extra "unclocked" (IE holidays) time paid. I never got paid for Memorial Day either, now that I think about it. But I don't think I can prove it, and my managers would bitch and say it's too late.

Anyway. Yesterday evening I was in a creative mood, having idly browsed through haikujaguar's art galleries. So, I did something for the wonderful friends that have helped me through so much.

To tarinfirepelt, points, feren, roho, aynjel, shadowstalkerw and yotogi... Thanks guys. You mean the world to me.
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